How It Works


1. Sign up and register
Fill out your profile and let us know a little bit about your business, what you are looking for in a contractor, and the kind of work you will be assigning. Upon acceptance you will have unfettered access to contractors who meet your set criteria.

2. Assign a project
Post your assignment and we’ll immediately match you with experts who can help. Select your favorite candidates and start receiving qualified resumes in no time!

3. Strike a Match
Use our custom tools to compare qualifications, expertise, client reviews, see summaries of background checks as well as test results from contractor registrations. Interview your candidates and select that perfect match for your project.

4. Value Added
Contractors become a value-added part of your team. With TekMatch proprietary online tools, your team can meet, collaborate, review, and track your progress.

5. Pay Day
When work is approved, use our tools to track time sheets and budgets to be assured you are getting the best value before paying through our secure system.

You now have an expertly prepared product and have expanded your access to quality talent.


1. Sign up and register
Fill out your profile and let us know a little bit about yourself. See our tips to put you in the best possible position to be hired and keep them coming back.

2. Look for assignments and grow your business
Review all the assignments and send applications to the company. When you hear back, connect for an interview and see if you match.

3. Join the team
With TekMatch proprietary online communication tools, you can meet, collaborate, and be an integral part of the team, while building trust and your client base.

4. Pay Day
With the control our tools afford to set your rates, choose your assignments, and contribute to the process, pay day through a secure system is all the more satisfying.

You have contributed to an expertly prepared product and have expanded your client base.

How does TekMatch get paid?

1. Tek-Contractors pay a small monthly subscription fee in order to accept unlimited assignments on the site.

2. Tek-Companies pay a project management fee of 10% for unlimited assignment postings and for access to all of our extensive project management tools we have to offer. We are transparent in our costs in order for Tek-Companies to offset their pricing to include the percentage increase. The benefits to the website and its technology and management development tools far outweigh the percentage.

3. We will store your content for an additional 14 days from the date of project completion. Tek-Companies and Tek-Contractors have the option of paying a monthly fee to store their content on the site for the duration of their stay with TekMatch.

Tips for Contractors

1. As you begin your contracting relationship with Tek-companies, avoid taking on assignments where you are not qualified. The pull of hundreds of pages is tempting; resist the urge to accept more than you are able to prepare in the allotted time period. There will be an abundance of opportunities on the site.

2. Communicate with the Tek-Company on any questions regarding the assignment, project deadline and terminology. They also want you to be a success and are there to assist. Respond to questions quickly when posed and submit questions when you have them.

3. Timing is everything. Do not miss your deadlines. If you are able to see a bottleneck ahead with your schedule, contact the Tek-Company immediately with any of your concerns.

4. Ask for and accept feedback from Tek-Companies.

5. If you want to stand out in the crowd, include enough information in your profile to set you apart from other potential Tek-Contractors.