Why does TekMatch charge a percentage of our invoice instead of a monthly subscription fee?

Many sites limit your ability to access services based on your subscription tier. Rather than place a monthly stranglehold on a company in the form of fees and contracts, TekMatch leaves the control in your hands, thus creating a scaleable profit margin for each user. TekMatch's mission is to empower companies of every size to actively compete in their marketplace with access to the best and brightest in their industry and to afford you the opportunity to grow your company on your terms.

Why should my company use TekMatch?

TekMatch enables companies and contractors to interact without any employee/employer relationship. Each transaction is a new contract between parties for services rendered. The TekMatch portal insures this contract relationship in a very transparent way by acting as the intermediary for assigning and accepting assignments.

TekMatch does the legwork for you; we require each contractor to complete a background check, skills assessment test and certification confirmations (if applicable) before they are cleared for listing on the site. This empowers you to make the best match without having to incur the upfront costs in the form of time and dollars spent, and focus on the more important business of growing your company.

What's the best way to have contractors accept our assignments?

Our goal is to see companies and contractors succeed in their industry. One of the ways for you as the company to become highly sought after is to offer fair and timely payment to contractors. Although we do not regulate your rates to contractors, we do have industry minimums in place. This insures that companies have access to highly skilled industry professionals. TekMatch provides notifications to companies when assignments are accepted and even more importantly, when they are not. This affords you the opportunity to raise your pay rate accordingly. Contractors have the ability to rate their experience with your company and you have the ability to rate yours with them.